As a reminder, academic meetings and class address is MANDATORY for all new students.

This event introduces you to the academic community and officially marks your start as a Wildcat!

New Students Will:

  1. Put your fingerprint on the Class of 2023 Rock

  2. Sign The Honor Code

  3. Convene in the Wildcat Gym

  4. Learn about the institution’s history and symbols

  5. Learn about academic policies and procedures

  6. Meet with faculty, staff and students

This event is a moment to “call together” our campus community — faculty, staff, deans and the president — to welcome you, and encourage reflection on your intellectual journey.

Mandatory College Meetings

Immediately before the Class of 2023 Address, you will have the opportunity to meet with faculty, and become familiar with your college’s academic traditions and policies.



College of Culinary Arts Meetings 

Wildcat Center


  • Student should eat prior to attending



College Meetings

  • College of Business: Wildcat Center, Johnson Ballroom

  • College of Hospitality: SEE Center

  • John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences: Wildcat Center, Wales Ballroom

3:30 - 4:00pm

Sign Honor Code, Wildcat center

4:00 pm

Class of 2023 Address