Here are some additional tips to help make your move-in a smooth one:

  1. JWU utilizes special driving and parking plans during move-in. Campus Safety & Security will direct you as you arrive to campus. 
  2. Once you’ve received your room key, you’ll be asked to begin moving your belongings immediately. Many families bring their own hand trucks, rolling containers or other means to make the process easier and quicker.   
  3. Dress for the day:  plan for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. All family members and guests should expect to do some walking. Buildings and parking areas are not adjacent.     
  4. Staff will be stationed throughout campus to answer your questions and provide directions. 

Thursday, August 30

General move-in is as follows:



    New Students

    1. Go to the Wildcat Center.
    2. Get access on your Student ID Card.
    3. Follow signs to off load at your assigned residence hall.


    Returning Students

    1. Go directly to your assigned residence hall.
    2. Get access on your Student ID Card.

    After 4pm

    If you arrive after 4:

    1. Go directly to Campus Safety & Security.
    2. Get access on your Student ID Card.