Class Schedule & Books

  1. Go to the Academics page in jwuLink. 
  2. Locate the Course Registration & Schedule section.
  3. View your course schedule.
  4. When looking at your schedule, follow the TEXTBOOK INFORMATION link for a list of required books & class materials.

Rent or purchase your books in the campus bookstore (at the location where your classes are held). You may also shop online.

Laboratory Uniform: Baking & Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts

Uniform, Knife/Tool Kit & Name Tag

Students must report to College of Culinary Arts laboratory classes in full uniform and remain in full uniform at all times until leaving the premise. Students not in full uniform will not be admitted into class. All components of the uniform are expected to be clean and pressed. Review detailed uniform policies.

If you did not get these items during summer orientation, pick yours up during opening weekend.